Introduction to the HOLLYWOOD sign

Not many people know the history behind the famous sign, which is nearly 100 years old. The H-O-L-L-Y-W-O-O-D letters were placed on the side of the mountain above the city in an effort to promote a new housing development, “Hollywoodland”. Of course the rest is history. The sign came to be recognized as more than an advertisement for some long ago piece of real estate. It is the representation of the Hollywood scene, symbolizing the glitter, the glitz, the magic that defines the business-show business that is. And everybody knows-there is no business like show business.

There are few spots in the city from which the famed sign is not visible, but visitors can get a pretty great picture of the sign from several fantastic vantage points. The sign is protected, behind security gates, security cameras and visitors will not get past Park Rangers, nor will they wish to of course. Hiking to the sign is not allowed as it was at one time. The way up is very steep and dangerous and in addition to protecting the sign, the restrictions are also meant for the public’s protection.  But, a brilliant picture of the sign is not out of reach.

The best angles for getting a picture of the sign are from other areas that are also fantastic Los Angeles destinations.