California has over one thousand miles of coastline, seventy-five miles of which are in the Los Angeles area. Beach goers have many, many choices available to them. Surfers, divers, sunbathers, boaters, and ocean nature lovers: if you have affection for the beach, the Los Angeles coastline is lined with beach cities that will not leave you disappointed.


There are more than thirty miles of beach area in Los Angeles, divided among seventeen Los Angeles beach cities. Within those thirty miles, there are an unbelievable number of parks and recreational beach areas. Sixty-five beaches stretch northward between the cities of El Segundo and Ventura.

Three of the most popular beach cities are: Manhattan, Redondo, and Hermosa Beach.


  • Manhattan Beach


Southwest of Los Angeles, a mere hop, skip and nineteen-mile jump away, Manhattan Beach is situated on the south end of Santa Monica Bay, and a very short distance from the Los Angeles International Airport. Visitors to the beach city will find the yearly climate to be-just right. The temperature rarely rises above 70 degrees in the summer or less than 55 degrees during the winter months. Of course the water temperature might be a challenge to visitors who are not used to the Pacific Ocean temp. If the water is not your thing- a nice long walk over the water just might be. Take a walk along the Manhattan Pier. There is plenty of room for sightseers among the fisherman casting their lines over the edge of the almost 1000 foot long pier. Year round fishing is allowed on the pier, which is located at the end of Manhattan Boulevard.


  • Redondo Beach


Twenty miles from downtown Los Angeles, Redondo Beach, is a resort city that has just about everything. It is only seven miles from LAX and has many specialty restaurants and shopping venues. Shop to you drop is a good possibility in Redondo.  A concentration of more than three hundred restaurants and stores are located in Riviera Village on the south side of the beach city.

Tourists can hit the village on their way to or from the beach, which is only three blocks away. Beach it in the morning and have lunch in Riviera Village before hitting the surf in the afternoon.


The Palos Verdes Peninsula and the Pacific Ocean frame Redondo Beach.

During the month of June the city puts on its annual summer festival, highlighting area artist’s works. The city also hosts a Christmas holiday event. The Holiday Stroll is a winter wonderland of twinkling Christmas lights, carolers and of course the arrival of the Big man himself. Old St. Nick is part of the free, family friendly entertainment in the beach town.


Redondo Beach pays tribute to the 911 victims, having received a 300-pound of steel from the World Trade Center. The city raised funds to build a permanent 911 memorial. The steel was a gift from the New York City Fire Department.


Redondo Beach has a Performing Arts Center where it hosts the only Ballet Company based in Los Angeles.


  • Hermosa Beach


Visiting Hermosa Beach? Bring a wet suit. The water temperature hovers right around sixty degrees. During the summer months the water temp can rise to sixty-eight degrees and dips down to fifty during the winter months. The water may be cool, but the beach city’s reception is not. Hundreds of people flock to the beach for surfing, and other activities, including beach volleyball, a sport for which the beach city is known. The AVP Hermosa Beach Open Tournament is played there each summer.


The name of the beach city is fitting, since Hermosa means beautiful.  Located in the South Bay area of Los Angeles, Hermosa is bordered by Redondo and Manhattan Beaches. The Pacific Coast Highway traverses right through the town and The Strand, a beach road runs along Hermosa Beach and to the Hermosa Pier, where tourists will find plenty of places to shop, eat and play.

The LA coastline has some of the most popular beaches in the United States