Photography tips for Brides

7 Important Wedding Photography Tips For The Bride And Groom

One of the most important parts of any wedding is the photography.  Every married couple wants to have all those special moments captured on film so that they can enjoy the memories again and again for many years to come.  The key is to carefully plan your photographs while still leaving plenty of room for creativity and spontaneity in those wonderful candid shots that we all love from weddings.  Here are 7 important tips to help ensure that your wedding photography is everything you want it to be.

1. Make A Short List Of All Those Must-Have Shots

Think ahead about what specific shots or moments you want to have captured on film. Make a list of all the people you want to have photographed (there is nothing worse than forgetting to take a picture of your grandmother) as well as the specific moments and items such as the wedding dress and bouquets.

There are certain special moments that should be photographed at virtually any wedding, such as the bride in her wedding gown before the ceremony, the bride and groom exchanging their vows and the first kiss.  Write down all of the specific moments that are must-haves for you to ensure they are included in your wedding photographs.

In terms of people, you will also want to have a list of what individuals you want to have photographed together for the group shots, including wedding party and family photographs.  When you are compiling your list of desired photos, you may find it helpful to break the list down into segments such as Getting Ready, Wedding Ceremony, Pre-Reception and Wedding Reception.  This will help you remember all the important moments, items and people that you want to have photographed.

Go over your list with your wedding photographer to make sure you are on the same page.  Add or edit your list based on any recommendation and feedback that you receive from your photographer.

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2.  Choose Family Photo Coordinators

Getting all the family members together for group shots can be a nightmare.  This can especially be difficult for the wedding photographer who doesn’t personally know everyone.  One way to help alleviate some of the stress and confusion is to get a family member, or perhaps a family member from both the bride and groom’s families, to help coordinate the group shots.  They can be responsible for gathering everyone together at the appropriate times.

3. If Possible, Visit the Wedding Location Ahead Of Time

It is helpful for both the couple getting married and the wedding photographer to be familiar with the setting of where the wedding ceremony will take place.  This will help everyone envision the best wedding shots to take.  If it is possible to visit the scene with your wedding photographer ahead of time, take the time to do it.  This is time well invested to help ensure your wedding photography meets your expectations.

4.  Make Sure You Have A Clear Understanding With Your Wedding Photographer On What You Want

When choosing a wedding photographer, be sure to examine their portfolio closely to ensure that their style is compatible with the type of wedding photography that you want.  Go over your list of desired photographs.  Get a clear understanding of how many photos will be taken, how much will be charged and what type of backup plans the photographer has for bad weather, extra memory cards and batteries and any other contingencies that you can think of.  Another thing to consider is to hire a pair of wedding photographers.  This may not always be affordable, but having two photographers working together can cover so much more ground.

5.  The Most Important Thing To Consider When Hiring Your Wedding Photographer Is Style

There is a lot to consider when choosing a wedding photographer and wedding photography package.  However, try not to get too bogged down on the details of the various packages and price points.  The most important factor that will influence how pleased you are with your wedding photographs is the photographer’s style.  Are you looking for predominantly traditional shots, a creative photographer with her or own personal flair, someone who excels in wonderful candid shots?  The portfolio is one of the most important pieces of evidence that the photographer is right for you.  Take your time studying the details, as well as the scope and breadth of the photographer’s work.

6.  Consider Streamlining The Family Photo Process

There is no doubt that the two of you can dream up a practically unlimited variations of family photos to take.  However, it can be a logistical nightmare trying to herd the right family members together at the right time.  Consider having a short list instead, of the family shots that are must-haves (the bride and groom with the two immediate families, the big family photo).  Leave other family photo opportunities to the realm of candid shots where the photographer captures impromptu moments rather than an endless series of various group poses that are very difficult to coordinate.

7.  Leave Plenty Of Room For Your Photographer’s Creativity

Of course you want to provide your wedding photographer with a list of must-have shots.  However, also leave some room for the photographer to express his or her creativity and have plenty of time to capture candid and unexpected moments.  Spontaneity is a wonderful thing when it comes to capturing special moments at a wedding.  Make sure your photographer is not over burdened with a huge list of “must-haves” to the point where the little unexpected moments are missed.

These are 7 of our most important wedding photography tips for the bride and groom.  Getting the best wedding photographs is a combination of careful planning and spontaneity.  Those two qualities may seem at odds with one another, but when you can balance the two the result will be absolutely stunning and provide you with a wedding album full of all the meaningful and joyful moments of your wedding day.

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