Creative Ideas For Wedding Pictures

One of your most treasured possessions from your wedding day will of course be the wedding photos that are taken to capture all of those special moments. These photographs will allow you to relive your beautiful memories over and over again for many years to come.  To ensure that you get the most important moments captured on film, it is a good idea to come up with a list of the specific photos that you would like to have taken and share this list with your photographer.  Here is a list of some creative ideas for wedding pictures to help you get started with your own wish list.

Getting Ready

Preparing for the wedding ceremony is a special time that you will definitely want to have captured on film.  Here are a few ideas for wedding pictures during the getting ready phase that you won’t want to miss.

* Mother of the Bride Helping Her Daughter Dress- this is a very special moment that you will definitely want a photograph of.  A close up of the mother’s face will show her pride and joy as she realizes her little girl has grown up but still needs that mother’s special touch.

* Bridesmaids Getting Ready.  This is a great opportunity to get some fun, candid shots of the girls getting ready for the big occasion.

* Grooms and Groomsmen Getting Ready.  Boys will be boys.  There is sure to be some fun moments captured here, like helping each other with their ties or boutonnieres

* Close ups of the bridal and bridesmaid bouquets.  Capture the timeless beauty of the floral arrangements.

* The wedding bride in your wedding gown looking at herself in the mirror.  This is a beautiful moment of reflection where the bride is anticipating her special day.  Be sure to have this on film.

The Wedding Ceremony

Here are some of the most important ideas for wedding pictures to capture those special moments during the ceremony.  Be sure to have plenty of close up shots taken of people’s facial expressions, including the bride and groom, wedding party, families and friends.

* The groom watching his bride walk down the aisle towards him.  Get a close-up of the groom’s face as he awaits his bride with joy.

* The bride walking down the aisle to be given away.  This is a special moment between a bride and her father.  Capture the look of pride of the father and anticipation of the bride.

* Close ups of the parents and also grandparents watching the wedding ceremony.  There will be beautiful moments of pride, joy and love to record.

* Special moments during the ceremony.  Be sure to capture any special moments, like lighting of candles or other parts of the wedding ceremony that you want to have remembered.

* Close ups of the bride and groom’s faces as they exchange their wedding vows.  You will want several photographs of this special moment.  In addition to the close ups of the bride and groom, have pictures taken of the wedding party witnessing the vows as well as shots from the audience.

* The wedding rings.  Have the bride and groom’s hands photographed with their wedding rings prominently displayed.  A picture of the groom placing the wedding ring onto the bride’s finger is a very special moment.

* The First Kiss.  Get that “You may kiss the bride” first kiss on film.  It is a moment you will remember forever.

Before The Reception

This is a good time to get in all of those group shots of the wedding party, families of the bride and groom as well as other posed and candid shots of the wedding guests.

* Bride and groom coming out of church.  Capture the look of joy on the newly married couples’ faces.

* The bride tossing her bouquet into the crowd.  Who will be the lucky person to catch the bouquet?

* Wedding party photos.  Be sure to get plenty of shots of your wedding party.

* Family portraits.  Pictures of the bride’s family and groom’s family are an absolute must.

* The bride and groom hugging family and friends.  This is where the wedding guests truly get to share in the special day.

* Pictures of the flower girl and ring bearer.  There is nothing more precious and adorable than the children who are part of the ceremony.

The Reception

* Bride dancing with her father and groom dancing with his mother.  These are special moments that can’t be missed.

* Bride and Groom Dance.  This beautiful photo op will be one of your most prized possessions.

* The wedding cake.  Get a pic of the cake while it is still whole and unscathed.

* Pictures of the wedding favors, table centerpieces, table settings and other mementos from the wedding reception that you want to remember forever.

* A fun photo of the bride and groom feeding each other wedding cake.

* The best man giving the wedding toast with his champagne glass hoisted into the air.

These are just some of the main ideas for wedding pictures that you will definitely want to capture.  Of course there are many more creative ideas that you and your wedding photographer can come up with on your own.  Be sure to have a mixture of both posed and candid shots to add to your wedding photo albums.

The key is to get as many ideas down on paper as you can so that you don’t forget any special moments.  Of course, if you have an experienced wedding photographer taking the pictures, they will most likely be aware of what the most important pictures are to take.  However, to really ensure that you get special wedding photos that you love, come up with your list and check it twice in plenty of time before the big day.  This will ensure that you have the best wedding photo album that you can draw upon to relive all of your special moments again and again for years to come.