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Local News… Well done is better than well said.

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LA Local News & Media


There are twenty-seven full powered television stations in Los Angeles.
Los Angeles ranks number two among the top 100 television markets in the United States. The LA market falls just under the New York television market. The Nielson Company reported 5,513,460 television homes in the Los Angeles area, 1,175,808 less than the number of television households in New York.

Los Angeles and New York swap places in the Hispanic Television market.  The Nielson ratings placed Los Angeles number one, ahead of New York, which ranked 2nd. Just as a point of reference, Miami ranked 3rd.

Fourteen stations in 2012 received one or more awards at the 64th Los Angeles Area Emmy Awards. The top winners were ABC7, KTLA 5 and NBC4. Each received seven honors out of 40 categories. Stations were required to be within the Los Angeles market producing programs that were pertinent to the Los Angeles market.

News-hounds can pick up the latest, breaking news over Los Angeles’ only all-news station. KNX 1070 has broadcast news for nearly a decade. The 50,000-watt news station blankets the Los Angeles listening area, Southern California, to the border of Mexico. KNX covers local and world news, utilizing CBS News Radio stations as sources. The city of Los Angeles, having an infamous reputation for traffic, KNX of course covers traffic conditions. Syncing with the station’s website, KNX keeps motorists up to date, with up to the minute traffic reporting.


There are more radio stations in the Los Angeles listening area than television stations. There are 83 radio stations that are local to the area. For many years, Los Angeles listeners made FM radio station KIIS the number one FM station in the LA area. According to the Huffington Post, KIIS was dethroned last year, by Pandora radio, as determined by a telephone poll of 1500 adults. The poll, which was conducted by Media Audit, revealed that more Los Angeles listeners tune in to Pandora than to KIIS, which placed second in the biennial poll. Also, Los Angeles radio stations KNX-AM, KROQ-FM, and KOST-FM, placed third, fourth and fifth in the same Media Audit poll.


The Los Angeles Times ranks fourth out of one hundred newspapers delivered in the United States. 1,231,318 people read the Los Angeles Times. Interestingly enough, two of the three papers, landing ahead in circulation, are not city papers but national and financial publications.  First, second and third place, are held by USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and the New York Times.

The Los Angeles Times is not the oldest paper in the United States, not by a long shot. But, it has been in circulation for a very long time. It’s been 132 years, since the paper was first published in December 1881. The paper experienced financial problems almost immediately. The floundering paper made a comeback following purchase from the Mirror Printing Office and Bindery, by Harrison Gray Otis. The original name of the publication, The Los Angeles Daily Times, was changed to its present name in 1886.

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