LA Public Library

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Los Angeles Public Library

As you can imagine, a library that caters to such a large population as the Los Angeles Public Library, would have to have a very large budget. The nine hundred employees that staff the library system and other operational expenses place the budget at 107 million dollars.

The Los Angeles Public Library is taking literacy to a whole new level with an active social presence. Patrons can access the library via the Internet to download e-books, audio books and music. Children can even listen to stories read to them via podcast. The Los Angeles Library has over two thousand followers on Twitter and about the same on LA County Library. The Los Angeles Public Library has a colorful and highly visited library Pinterest page and also posts to Los Angeles County library Fickr and even library photos in their Instagram account.

Online resources abound. An on-line resource of historical significance, allows patrons access to a database that highlights the history of Los Angeles and surrounding areas. The archive bank of photographs can only be accessed on-line, due to the fragile nature and historical value of the pictures.

The library makes job hunting a little bit easier. A job-hunting guide is accessible via the library’s website. There are over 200 websites and resources with pertinent information on employment opportunities in the Los Angeles area that are in the guide.

For patrons that prefer a tactile experience, the feel of a good book in their hands, publications, magazines and news papers to flip through, the Central Los Angeles Public Library is located at 630 West 5th Street, in downtown Los Angeles. You can learn about LA local news and media plus much more. The library opens at 10:00 a.m. Monday through Saturday. The services at the Central branch include eleven subject departments:

  • Art, Music and Recreation
  • Business and Economics
  • Children’s Literature
  • History and Genealogy
  • International Languages
  • Literature and Fiction
  • Popular Library
  • Rare Books
  • Science, Technology and Parents
  • Social Science, Philosophy and Religion
  • Teenscape


The Library supports literacy through many programs. Three of the most popular are below.

  • Adult Literacy Program- a free tutoring service for adults that meets between sixty and ninety-minutes. Students must commit to a minimum of six months.
  • Limited English Proficiency- There is no time limit attached to the program, which utilizes library resources to assist learners with literacy skills.
  • Families for Literacy-A program that teaches adults how to read to their children. Children five and under that are enrolled are can receive free books and videos.


The Central Public Library does not have a parking lot or parking facility. Visitors to the library may park in a garage located at 524 Flowers Street at a reduced rate. The library made the deal with the garage, allowing parking at the reduced rate only during the hours that the library is open. Los Angles Public Library visitors must have a library card in order to validate parking. Without validation visitors will be charged the regular price for parking.  To confirm parking rates before visiting the library, call the general information number: +1 213 228 7000.

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