Los Angeles Area Attractions

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Would anyone dare visit the Los Angeles area and skip out on a chance to get up close and personal with the Hollywood sign? Here’s a cool post about the Hollywood sign.

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Hollywood Boulevard and North Highland Avenue provide a good shot of the Hollywood sign. The street is also home to the Hollywood and Highland Center where the Kodak Theater is located and the Academy Awards takes place. What is very remarkable about the center, among other things, is the number of photo ops the center provides of the Hollywood sign. This is not accidental. The architects designed the building around the sign, making it a wonderful place to take pictures.

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Walk of Fame and Grauman’s Chinese Theater are a short walk down Hollywood Blvd. The Walk of Fame is comprised of fifteen blocks and bears the names and stars of hundreds of Hollywood shakers of the present and past. It is the tourists’ chance to walk among the stars-so to speak. There are 2400 stars along the walk that also includes a portion of Vine Street.

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Grauman’s Chinese Theater opened in 1927 and is as impressive now as it was then. It is known for its opulent architecture, including the two “Heaven Dogs” that flank the entrance and are original to the theater. Grauman’s is the most famous theater for movie premiers and for sneaking a peak at movie stars.

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Raising the bar for observations? How about Griffith Park Observatory? LoL The Griffith Park Observatory is the largest municipal park in the United States and is home to the Los Angeles Zoo. It is also a great spot from which to snap a picture of the Hollywood sign. Entrance into the Griffith Park Observatory is free and from there visitors can also hike through scenic trails-on foot or on horseback. Access to the Observatory is through Griffith Park, by way of Los Feliz Boulevard.

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The question visitors to Los Angeles should pose, is not “what is there to do in Los Angeles?” but “what to do first?” The list of fun things to see and do in the City of Angels is inexhaustible. Topping the list and not surprisingly so, are Disneyland and Hollywood. Both are spectacular, but there is so much more to Los Angeles than the glitter and glitz of Hollywood and the enchantment of Disneyland. Regardless, any visit to Los Angeles would be lacking without a trip to either.

One of the best tourist attractions in the Los Angeles Area is not man-made and is sixty to ninety minutes from the Los Angeles International Airport. Travelers can step off the plane, hop in a rental car or take public transportation to hit the beach, before heading to their hotel or final destination. Santa Monica, Venice, Marina del Rey, Redondo and Hermosa Beaches are not that far from LAX. Though these five are not the closest beaches, they are however, the easiest for tourists to access from the airport and should be the first choice for brave souls who might consider taking a jaunt to the beach between planes. Given the infamous Los Angeles traffic, tourists should take time and traffic into consideration before heading out to the beach, even during a long layover.

One of the most famous Los Angles beaches is Santa Monica. Santa Monica Beach combines the Santa Monica Pier and Pacific Amusement Park for the kind of tourist experience we’ve all seen in the movies. Santa Monica has been the backdrop of many, many movies and was the stomping ground for movie stars like Robert Redford, Natalie Wood and Jane Fonda. James Dean was also shot there in the movie, ”Rebel Without a Cause”. The pier opened in 1909.

A Santa Monica destination that is not as famous, but is well worth a visit, is Santa Monica Mountains Recreational Park. Visitors to the park will enjoy the semi-arid climate, which is in itself, unique. The coastal and mountain location combined with the middle latitude placement, defines the region’s climate as Mediterranean one of only five of this region type in the world. Hikers, mountain bikers, scenic and nature enthusiasts will be entertained by the parks vast and varied vistas.

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Try the Los Angeles Library

If you visit the Los Angeles Public Library you will be one of more than 4 million people that it serves. That represents a lot of books and library cards. With 72 branches the Los Angeles Public Library system serves more people than any other library in the United States. A 2011 census disclosed that, 13 million people walked through the doors of Los Angeles Public Library branches, borrowing 15 million books or other available items.

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